Why it will be Critical to Use Video Marketing in 2021

Why it will be Critical to Use Video Marketing in 2021

Why is Video Advertising Critical?

In other words, does the success of your business hinge upon video production and advertisement? Here are three points to consider:


Trends are ever-changing. Social movements, social media, government, supply and demand are all varying factors that go into creating a trend. With the shift of a global pandemic, video campaigns, live streams, and video production are new trends that are now shifting to lead the way in marketing. More people will opt to shop online; small businesses (namely in-person stores that have yet to go online) will suffer if they aren’t quick to adapt. Chains or businesses with professional websites and channels will become more frequented because of their trusted name-brands.

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As a new business, you may struggle to get the reviews you need when your store is not frequented as much. When folks can’t get their hands on your product and check it out for themselves, the next best thing is to show off your product to them through video. If you can convince them through footage that your product is worth buying, they are more likely to buy it. Check out these examples of how a business can show off their product through video production!

Many people are in favor of local businesses and want to support them rather than pouring money into corporate industries like Amazon and Costco. If you are a small local business, this fact counts toward your success.

Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

The next step is letting people know you’re there. You need the publicity, the reviews, and more importantly, the customers to keep you in business. Consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. You have to tell them that your product, whatever it may be, is the right thing for them. That it is worth their time, that it’s functional, and that it is better than other products similar to it. The best way to do that (in a society where people spend an average of 5 ½ hours on their phones and other devices every day) is to use video advertising.

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You will find that not many people like to read when they can watch a video instead. If they are looking something up, there is a chance they will skim the article before they watch the how-to video. People love videos because they can sit back and absorb what they are given rather than reading through dry, black-and-white text.

If you can let your customer relax while you show them your product, they are more likely to get your whole message than if you task them with reading something.

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If a single image is worth a thousand words, a minute of video (24 fps) is worth 1,440,000 words.

While there’s no way to have anyone read that much into a product, you can certainly share all that information with them through video. Deliver your hook before their attention span runs out, and you’re golden.

If your business is just getting started, or is suffering due to Covid-19 restrictions, video advertisement may well be the key to getting (back) on your feet. Here at Wahoo Films, whether you’re a large organization looking for corporate videography services or a small business getting started, we have the experience and expertise, and we’d love to help you out.


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