How to Create Your Video Campaign

How to Create Your Video Campaign

Video Sales Funnel Explained

How you plan to distribute your video content affects how you approach developing your messaging and communication to your audience. The more consideration and strategy you implement prior to video production, the more effective your content will be for your target audience. In this blog, we’ll explore some advantages to creating a strategic video campaign for your company.

Why a Video Campaign?

90% of marketers agree that a meaningful commercial helps customers make a buying decision. And you’ll find that almost everybody would prefer to watch videos over reading.

Now, if one video has a positive impact on your organization, just think of the results a series of videos will have when they move a potential customer down the sales funnel: from stranger to loyal customer to an advocate for your brand. Wahoo Films adopted this method and our customers have seen profitable results.

Video sales funnel example

The goal of a video marketing campaign is to bring together the power of storytelling with the sales funnel. As shown in the diagram above, you will find that repeated exposure to your product or service will help your potential customers build a much better connection with your company.

How marketing videos work with the Sales Funnel

How marketing videos work with the Sales Funnel


The first stage of the Sales Funnel is to attract people who aren’t even considering buying the product yet. Take for example our <u>Lifetime Vision Care Campaign</u>. We created a series of videos for Lifetime Vision Care starting out with a commercial video to target individuals who may be experiencing vision problems or have someone they care about who is suffering from symptoms. The important part of this stage is to show LVC’s potential customers that LVC understands their problem.


Once the audience watches  LVC’s attract videos, we can then retarget that audience with additional testimonial video clips from satisfied customers who have been through Vision Therapy, and have seen successful results. This allows your audience to build trust with your company, and leaves them curious and wanting to learn more. These convert videos are focused on providing value-based messaging.


Once we had an engaged audience that wanted to find out more about Vision Therapy, we then directed them to our close video on a website that provides more details about Vision Therapy. The close video is a longer video that informs the audience about the process of Vision Therapy and what to expect. Our close video for the Lifetime Vision Care campaign was a little bit longer than the rest, and focused on assuring the customers that this company was indeed the best choice for vision therapy. The close video is the sales pitch that will win over your audience to consider your product or services.

Delight your current customers

The three stages of the marketing funnel are great for getting started. However, if you know what you’re doing you can manipulate these basics to your advantage and start focusing on the next stage: when leads turn into customers. You can use your video to bring in customers and quickly familiarize them with your business. We at Wahoo Films have posted a video series to train our customers in this art after we’ve helped them get started. A huge benefit of giving them material that will help them keep going on their own is customer lifetime for referrals.

How to Get Started

Determine your Goal

Which stages in the sales funnel will get you the most results? If you are not sure, set up a free 1-hour Customer Journey evaluation with Wahoo Films. Email us at

Your Message

When it comes down to the basics, people love being talked to directly. It’s a proven strategy to direct your advertisement toward the audience rather than toward yourself and your product.

Use your best judgement when you’re planning what you want to film and share, but it’s a good idea to think from the perspective of the audience. What do they want to see? How can you give them what they want?

Man standing with building behind the background

Summing It Up

As you’re creating a video campaign for your product, you might want to go back to our  for more helpful information. Here at Wahoo Films we are cheering you on, and will do all we can to help you win leads and increase your sales! When you are ready to grow – let’s chat!


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