"The Ranchers Who Took Over Our Bird Sanctuary"

"The Ranchers Who Took Over Our Bird Sanctuary"

The Standoff at Malheur

The scene here is a mix of a whiteout snowstorm and local citizens gathering in local establishments to discuss the outcome of “the ranchers who took over our bird sanctuary”.

The local population is equally divided in opinion on the scenario at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. The reality of a blanket shutdown of schools, services and ‘shopping by police escort’ is setting in. The scenario with the occupation and ‘standoff’ had reached a new level with power being shut off to the compound. Food and supplies will be a necessity which has local citizens concerned about ‘militia people coming into town and getting supplies’.

The feeling of desperation is mildly encompassing both the townspeople and on the faces of the militia people at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon.

Burns woman being interviewed

Editorial content from Wahoo Films, written and photographed by Chuck Greenwood, for AJ+.

Additional Photos by Chuck Greenwood:

News crews in Malheur
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