Talking Animals!

Talking Animals!

Skunk and Badger Steal The Show

Over the past year, Wahoo Films had the privilege to film The High Desert Museum skunk and badger. These crazy critters have a lot of personality. Before video production starts, they spent many hours training for their parts, primping and pruning for their commercial début. When these animal actors’ big days came, they were ready. They didn’t even notice the cameras in front of them. Their eyes (and noses) were on the prize, the yummy bait. The animals were great to work with, having the crew laugh throughout filming.The work doesn’t stop after filming.

To really bring more personality to these fun and loveable High Desert Museum animal stars, they needed the perfect voice. To personify the skunk and badger, we used different voices (one adult and one child) and sped them up to sound more animated, which worked perfect as the animal voiceovers. It’s a great accompaniment to the cute and adorable footage we capture of them. All in a hard day’s work of filming and working with animals.

Check out the finished video!

The Skunk and Badger TV spots were written and produced with Sandy Cummings, Director of Communications at The High Desert Museum.

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