Capture your next video production in Bend, Oregon

Capture your next video production in Bend, Oregon

Bringing your video production to Central Oregon (Bend, Sisters, Sunriver, Prineville, Madras) can offer several advantages:

Diverse Environments: Central Oregon outdoors offers a variety of environments within a relatively small area, including forests, lakes, mountains, and high desert. This diversity allows videographers and production companies a chance to capture different settings in a single location, providing versatility for storytelling and visual variety.

Scenic Beauty: Central Oregon is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including high desert terrain, mountains, and picturesque rivers. The visually appealing surroundings can enhance the aesthetic quality of the video, making it more visually engaging and memorable.

Seasonal Variation: The region experiences distinct seasons, with snow-capped mountains in winter, colorful foliage in the fall, and sunny days in the summer. This seasonal variation can be leveraged to match the mood or theme of the commercial and create a more dynamic visual experience.

Outdoor Activities: Central Oregon is a hub for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and more. If the commercial promotes a product or service related to outdoor recreation, the natural backdrop of Central Oregon in video can help convey the lifestyle associated with those activities.

Video Production-Friendly Infrastructure: Bend, Oregon has video production-friendly policies, incentives, and support services for video companies. Local authorities and communities are becoming increasingly accustomed to hosting video productions and could offer assistance in obtaining permits and facilitating the video process.

Escape from Urban Settings: If the commercial's storyline or theme requires a more rustic or rural setting, Central Oregon provides an escape from the typical urban or suburban environments often associated with commercial shoots.

Central Oregon can provide your next video production in Bend, Sisters, Madras, Sunriver, or Prineville with numerous picturesque locations. Here are some of the best locations to consider for your next video in Central Oregon nature:

Smith Rock State Park:

  • Known for its iconic rock formations and deep canyons, Smith Rock State Park provides a dramatic and visually stunning backdrop for outdoor shoots.

Deschutes National Forest:

  • This vast forest offers a variety of settings, including dense pine forests, alpine lakes, and meadows. It's ideal for capturing the beauty of nature in different seasons.

Crater Lake National Park:

  • While a bit further south in Oregon, Crater Lake's deep blue waters and surrounding cliffs create a unique and breathtaking setting. It's particularly beautiful in the summer and early fall.

Mount Bachelor:

  • A popular ski resort in the winter, Mount Bachelor and its surroundings offer stunning alpine landscapes, including snow-covered slopes, pine forests, and mountain vistas.

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway:

  • This scenic byway takes you past a chain of mountain lakes with views of the Cascade Range. It's a great location for capturing the beauty of lakes, forests, and mountain scenery.

Tumalo Falls:

  • Tumalo Falls, located just outside of Bend, is a spectacular waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. It's a fantastic location for shooting scenes with water features.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument:

  • This area features volcanic landscapes, lava flows, and the beautiful Paulina and East Lakes. It provides a unique and otherworldly setting for filmmakers.

Painted Hills, John Day:

  • This volcanic cinder cone provides panoramic views of the surrounding lava fields and mountains. It's a unique location that can add an otherworldly quality to your footage.

Before planning any video production, reach out to us at Wahoo Films for videographers, supporting video crew, video rental equipment, rental space, obtaining permits, and other areas of interest such as weather conditions and accessibility to ensure a smooth and successful video production. 

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