How to Stay Top of Mind with Video Marketing for your Customers

How to Stay Top of Mind with Video Marketing for your Customers

By the end of 2021 it is expected that up to 82% of all internet traffic will be linked to video viewing, which is according to research by the Cisco Visual Networking Index. That means with proper video marketing, your business is better positioned to attract  the attention of the majority of the internet.

To make videos that stand out from the crowd and draw people in, it all starts with an idea. How do you want to present your business? What do you want people to remember? The next step would be shaping that vision into reality, which is what we at Wahoo Films do best!

In this post, we’ll explain how you can create memorable video marketing. As a leading video production company in Oregon, we can boost your brand with a multimedia marketing strategy that grabs your customers’ attention. Discover our top tips below!

Know Your Customers

Before you start anything, the most crucial step is to research your target audience. It doesn’t matter how technically impressive the result is — if it doesn’t closely align with your customer’s needs and wants, it won’t give you a good return on your investment (ROI).

Above all, the goal of any video marketing is to make money for your company (Although making a splash on social media is always a plus!). In marketing talk, it’s called converting potential leads into customers. But to get there, it’s crucial to create a video that speaks to your target market as a whole, whether they’re a returning customer or somebody brand new to your business.  

The videos that do this best include content that is most likely to not only attract but also convert viewers into buyers. When working with a video marketing company, you’ll need to supply some critical details about your target demographic. Your video marketing company might not be familiar with your industry, so creating an audience profile is vital to make sure the finished video ads/content connect with your target audience.

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Choose An Effective CTA

Every video — and marketing message in general — needs to finish with a call to action (CTA). It is the most crucial part of your film, leading your audience into taking the next step . Depending on where they are in your sales funnel, this could be to check out your site, order your product, or sign up for your service.

It doesn’t matter whether your video is an introduction to your company or a product show-and-tell. Every video should leave your customer with a clear idea of what they need to do next. If you want to choose a CTA that is clear about the next steps customers can take, see our list below for inspiration:

  • Don’t miss out
  • Meet the team
  • Claim your free trial
  • Add to cart
  • Discover more

Delight Your Customers

The next step is letting people know you’re there. You need the publicity, the reviews, and more importantly, the customers to keep you in business. Consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. You have to tell them that your product, whatever it may be, is the right thing for them. That it is worth their time, that it’s functional, and that it is better than other products similar to it. The best way to do that (in a society where people spend an average of 5 ½ hours on their phones and other devices every day) is to use video advertising.

Ready to delight your customers with an engaging video campaign? Wahoo Films can help. While we specialize in B2B video production with offices in Washington and Oregon, we also work with videographers all over the US. If you’re ready to rise above the noise, let’s chat by calling today at (541) 585-3456 today! (See – that’s our Call to Action! Hope to see you on a call soon.)


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