When to Shoot Your Own Video vs. Hiring a Production Company

When to Shoot Your Own Video vs. Hiring a Production Company

Well, what’s the difference? Anyone might opt for shooting their own video simply in the interest of their budget.

Here are a few pros and cons to think about.

Shooting your own Footage


  1. No money out of pocket, provided you have the equipment to record and edit video.
  2. It’s on your own schedule.


  1. Your equipment may not meet professional standards.
  2. You have to do everything yourself as far as writing, videography, editing, and posting goes.  Learning these skills is time-consuming.

Hiring a Professional Production Company


  1. The crew is experienced, professional and organized.
  2. They have the equipment to make your video look and sound amazing.


  1. Hiring out costs thousands of dollars.
  2. You have to be responsive to the video production team and complete the videos in a timely manner.

If the bulleted list was enough to help you make your decision, that’s great! But here are some more things to mull over if you are still undecided.

First of All, Your Budget

Your bank account will play into the situation either way. If you choose to pay someone to make your video, you’ll be out some cash. But on the other hand, if you opt toward DIY video, you will need to buy the equipment and take the time to learn it. The outcome may not be as great, thus lowering clients’ opinion of your company by degrees. It all depends on your business’ reputation and size. If you are just getting started, audiences will hardly give grainy footage or mismatched sound a second thought. If they’re watching your video that means another potential customer.

What is your Audience Expecting?

As a small-business owner, you should be paying a lot of attention to your audience, judging them as best you can to discern in turn how to advertise to them. Your product, your target audience, and your ability to deliver as promised should come into play as you deliberate. Ask friends who know about your product what they think of it, and how you could advertise it.

If you’re trying to impress big-wigs with expensive, custom-made hats, your advertisement-video should probably be as impressive as the hats themselves, with snappy shots and smart dialogue. If you’re playing music in the background, you might think about syncing certain movements or cuts to the beats to achieve an even sharper, groovier effect.

If you’re advertising handmade beanie-babies to the general public, however, you might not care as much about your video. Because whoever is interested in handmade beanie-babies won’t care if your advertisement video isn’t professional.

Maybe that was a bad example.

You get the idea.

You will find that not many people like to read when they can watch a video instead. If they are looking something up, there is a chance they will skim the article before they watch the how-to video. People love videos because they can sit back and absorb what they are given rather than reading through dry, black-and-white text.

If you can let your customer relax while you show them your product, they are more likely to get your whole message than if you task them with reading something.

Alternate Routes to Success

Even when using a professional film-maker is too expensive for your budget, there are still ways to make your self-written, self-recorded video look much better in general.

Camera position is very important: you don’t want to appear as if you are looking down your nose at your viewers!

Position your recording device at or slightly above eye level. This way your audience will feel as if you are talking to them rather than instructing them. Also, make sure your lighting and sound are the best they can be.

Another, even safer way to produce a video is by using motion graphics or digital animation. Many people know how to do this well, and make a business of it. But it is possible to do it yourself; though motion graphics present an extremely steep learning curve.

If you have the time to learn, I mean…how long will it take for this pandemic to run its course? You’ve got time. Maybe you could learn another language while you’re at it—then you can reach more people with your message. (Wink, wink).

Here are a few video tips from our owner on how to improve audio quality and lighting.

Summing it up

Hopefully this post gave you some idea of which course is best for you.  We wish you all the best in your advertising!


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