A Wahoo Photo Shoot

A Wahoo Photo Shoot

In Front Of The Scenes

Recently, the team at Wahoo Films got out from behind the cameras and computers to show our pretty (well, we think so) faces at our team photo shoot. With the direction and eye of Steve Tague Studios, the core team at Wahoo did our best impressions of an outdoor themed Wes Anderson film.

Being in front of the camera was a new experience for most of us. After some warming up, we were throwing out Blue Steel looks left and right. Without further ado, here is the final product!

Michelle Alvarado

It’s rare that someone finds their passion at such a young age and follows it dogmatically, unwilling to be diverted by adolescent whims. But just like her images, Michelle stayed focused. She went to USC Cinema and landed a job at National Geographic, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Showtime. For over ten years, she’s owned Wahoo Films.  Michelle’s genuine passion for her customers is evident in the videos she produces for them.

Jen Rule

She is a rock climber who has faced 5.11s without fear. She brings this confidence and competence to every project. With a keen eye for detail, she ensures we deliver a quality product every time. Jen also assists in development, coordinates all crew and talent during production as well as ensure the video delivery is on schedule. Many believe Jen can do almost anything at our office. Once you’ve been to the top of the mountain, nothing is impossible.

Kevin Watkins

He was born with a computer in hand, or so it would seem.  He is a true millennial, exploring new technologies to further every video reach and improve communication between all teams. After getting his Multi-Media degree at University of Oregon, Kevin launched his career managing web, mobile and social media teams at Bright Light Ventures before joining Wahoo Films.  Still with a computer in hand, Kevin’s ability to master the www is something to watch!

Henry Kim

Most know Henry as a hard worker who is dedicated to every partnership he builds, fulfilling every promise.  But he is also a storyteller… After 10 years of sales and marketing experience in the medical industry, real estate, and the arts, Henry discovered he was connecting with customers through quality storytelling.  Knowing that video is one of the most powerful tools to connect with customers, he joined Wahoo Films to further positive outreach!

Team Photo

Wahoo Films Photo Shoot

Thanks for checking out our most recent photo shoot! If you are interested in photo or video, be sure to reach out to us!

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