3 Ways to Use Video to Increase Donations

3 Ways to Use Video to Increase Donations

We’ve worked with a number of non-profits around the state and otherwise… And after talking with their boards, members, and directors, here are 3 ways we coach them and have them utilize video to drive the results they’re looking for!

1. Annual Events, Fundraisers, Etc

Does your organization hold annual fundraising events? If so, this is a great time to leverage the power of video in front of a captive audience. With that said, not all video types embrace the message you’re going for and is why we recommend using an organizations ‘mission/brand’ video. Generally this tends to be a video that is 5 minutes or less highlighting the purpose and importance of your organization.

We recommend crafting a brand story that…

  • Incorporates Testimonials and/or Case Studies for a Powerful/Meaningful Message
  • Clearly Describes the Importance & Need for Funding
  • Provides Distinct Calls to Action to Support

Here is an example of this type of video done for Deschutes River Conservancy:

2. Incorporate It in Your Newsletter & Email

Does your organization send electronic newsletters or use email marketing? Embedding your video to your monthly newsletter can keep people interested in your cause and can help you fund raise even months after a fundraising event.

“Adding video to your emails generates a 200-300% increase in click-through rates.”
Charity Dynamics

You can also embed the video into your email’s signature so that anyone you send an email to will have access to your video showcasing how your organization is furthering its mission.

(Pro Tip: here’s one of our favorite tools to help you modify your email signature)

If you like the idea or are already sharing video’s in your email signature, be sure to test it. For example, you may want to test sharing recent case studies with calls to action to donate verse a general mission video. Being able to track these interactions is key and most CRM’s used to manage your contacts these days that assist with email delivery have some form of solution for this.

Here’s a sneak peek at of a video in an email signature:

3. Embrace the Power of Social Media

Is your organization on social media? If not, you should be! Not only is social media a great way to further your relationship with your existing audience, it’s also a great place to make new connections and spread your message. Video been proven to increase engagement on social media.

“Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.” -Charity Dynamics

The DRC continued to utilize their original fundraising video by re-editing the video to shorter 30-60 second video segments that they utilized to engage their members on social media.

So where and what types of video’s should you share to increase donation?

First, we want to be sure to note that we always feel you should first prioritize posts with value/education, while sprinkling in calls to action (CTAs) to donate or contribute. This value-added method includes sharing quality content like case studies, new tactics/strategies in the industry, influencers, etc. Share your stories and updates across the prominent social media platforms by uploading directly to said platform. For example, upload your videos to Facebook and Youtube for users to consume, like, and share to further your organizations awareness and engagement.

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