Turtle Rescue

Turtle Rescue

Wahoo Films’ staffer, Jen Rule and family, are helping the survival of endangered turtles.

Jen was in Mexico helping further the survival of Olive Ridley turtles! From Jen: “We saw 2 momma turtles last night (around midnight) laying eggs. We collected over 175 eggs from 4 nests to hatch in the hatchery to save them from poachers. So amazing to see and be a part of!”

When we asked Jen’s husband, Sean, why did you choose this for your “vacation”, Sean shared “Jen told me, years and years ago, that she wanted to work with sea turtle rescue. Turtles are super important to us…we used to call Max “turtle” after his first ultrasound picture.

“I finally was able to figure out a small place to do it in San Pancho, Mexico (, so here we are!”

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