Wahoo Films on OPB!

Wahoo Films on OPB!

2 Films in 2016 Oregon Lens Series

About 2016 OPB Oregon Lens Series

Oregon Lens has been running for 18 seasons on the Oregon Public Broadcasting network. Every year, the series showcases independent filmmakers throughout the Northwest.

Wahoo Films is delighted to have two of our films running during the 2016 edition of the Oregon Lens Series. “Mill Creek”, produced with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, has appeared in a number of film festivals this year. We’re excited to share the story of the Mill Creek restoration on OPB. “Sagebrush Sisters”, produced with Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA), has been showing around the country at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and a number of other festivals. OPB reached out to Wahoo Films to air these films, which speaks to the power of these stories. Needless to say, the stories and the inspiring people involved deserve all the credit for being selected into the Oregon Lens Series.

From OPB:

“For 18 seasons Oregon Lens has showcased the talent and diversity of the Northwest’s independent filmmakers, and this year is no exception. Through their eyes, we explore the coffee farms of El Salvador, the rivers of Colorado and the wonders of our own backyard. We learn what it takes to be a carpenter, a bush pilot or a ballerina. We race motorcycles, ride trains and hike through the desert. And yes, we even see a Frogman team up with the Ghostbusters.”

Oregon Lens Schedule

The Oregon Lens 2016 schedule airs from 10 p.m. – 11 p.m. each night during the week of August 22nd through August 26th.

“Sagebrush Sisters” airs on Thursday, August 25th at 10 p.m. along with other Northwest films.

“Mill Creek” airs Friday, August 26th at 10 p.m. along with other Northwest films.

Here is the full schedule:

Monday, August 22

  • Voyagers Without Trace
  • LED LENSER series from The Program

Tuesday, August 23

  • The Monkey and Her Driver
  • Laura Gibson Empire Builder
  • Niqi
  • Sisters of the Road
  • Bottle Neck
  • Night Flight
  • Against the Tide
  • Dead Mall
  • Movie Night

Wednesday, August 24

  • Moving Mountains
  • Life on Hold
  • Book of Matches
  • Lights Fade
  • Oregon Nights
  • The Cycle Starts and Stops With You

Thursday, August 25

  • Sista in the Brotherhood
  • Sagebrush Sisters
  • From Salem to the Salon
  • Menendez Family Coffee Farms
  • Valhalla
  • Lay Me Down
  • Seven Daffodils

Friday, August 26

  • The Sun’s Only Rival
  • Mill Creek Restoration
  • Backpacking Adventure
  • Oregon Coast Aerials
  • Frogman Meets Ghostbusters
  • Lost Lander Trailer Tracks

About The Films

Mill Creek

This film documents the restoration project of Mill Creek and how this creek directly affects the lives of the residents and tribal members of Warm Springs.

Documented over the course of two years, Wahoo Films captured the hard work the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and the Warm Springs Fisheries Department put forward to help restore the natural habitat of wildlife in the Mill Creek area.

Sagebrush Sisters

This film explores the importance of an intact Greater Hart-Sheldon Region, particularly for wildlife and habitat connectivity.

The Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding public lands encompass critical wildlife corridors – especially for pronghorn antelope and greater sage-grouse.

By following the story of three stalwart women hiking between the two wildlife refuges, cataloging what they find along the way, ONDA shares the beauty and importance of this region.

Sagebrush Sisters in Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival!

About The Clients

Oregon Natural Desert Association

From the Oregon Natural Desert Association website:

“A diverse group of folks, including teachers, doctors, students, naturalists and retirees, came together over their shared love of Oregon’s deserts. They were driven to action by their conviction that the government’s recent inventory of wild desert lands had missed a huge chunk of the places that they knew and loved. Sure enough, when they banded together to take up their own inventory of Oregon’s wild places, it was confirmed that there are nearly 8 million acres of wilderness-quality land in Eastern Oregon. They realized that without a group dedicated to protect, defend and restore these wild desert lands they could be lost forever. From this small group of desert-lovers, ONDA was born.
For the last 30 years ONDA supporters have given a voice to the conservation needs of eastern Oregon’s high desert. Now a respected state and national leader in the public lands conversation, ONDA and its members remain steadfast in their commitment to protect, defend, and restore Oregon’s high desert.”

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

From the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs website:

The Government of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs is charged with securing and protecting the perpetual health and prosperity of the Confederated Tribes. The government fulfills its mission by preserving and strengthening the sovereign status of the Confederated Tribes, protecting the treaty and legal rights and interests of the Confederated Tribes, and creating a community and economic environment which affords every member of the Confederated Tribes the opportunity to attain good health, self-sufficiency, pride and self-esteem.

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