OSU-Cascades - Favorite Local Spots

OSU-Cascades - Favorite Local Spots

Wahoo Films produced this video tour series to attract prospective students to apply to OSU-Cascades.

We created a strategic video marketing campaign that included social media short videos to be utilized on Facebook, Instagram, and other outlets, as well as longer versions of each video for their website.

Topics for the videos included an aerial tour of the campus, 360 videos of the dorm rooms and common areas, students’ favorite local spots, favorite classes, and how to pronounce common local names.

"Wahoo Films is a talented team of professionals who is my go-to-team of choice for film making.

They get the job done with excellence every time.

They are creative, thoughtful, smart and flexible in their pursuit of making you the best film possible."

Susan Keys
Ph.D., retired Associate Professor
Oregon State University - Cascades

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