Klamath Tribes

Klamath Tribes

The Klamath Tribes hired Wahoo Films to produce a video series with funding from Senate Bill 13 Tribal History/Shared History.

Wahoo had the honor of producing three videos to share their history: Boarding Schools, Termination and Restoration, and Heal the Land, Heal the People.

The stories include historical footage and imagery as well as several days of filming interviews with Klamath Tribal Elders.

They also include footage and drone footage of their ancestral homeland. The videos are being utilized in educational curriculum and continue to be shown throughout the State of Oregon, including film festivals.

"We entrusted Wahoo with the sacred story of our history and the experiences of our ancestors. We gave them access to our most precious resource- our elders, the knowledge keepers. We asked Wahoo to take the lead in sharing our story and history with others.

They took the project beyond what we anticipated in adding animation to capture aspects of emotion that could have otherwise been lost. They developed mapping cinematography that brought home points where mere words would have failed. They were respectful of our unique cultural perspectives and our work process. With respect and appreciation for all of the Wahoo staff and their work. Sepk’eec’a,”

Gabriann Hall
SB13 Ad Hoc Committee Member
Klamath Tribes
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